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Calgary, Alberta

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Why me?

My background in marketing, psychology, and communication is the key component I use in my content, enabling me to create sincere videos that fundamentally relate to the needs of your audience.

why ugc?

"User Generated Content" is the leading marketing strategy for gaining your audience's trust. Through posting videos of everyday people using your product, it creates a genuine space and visible achievement of desires that your audience wants a part of.

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What you'll expect working with me

Through my content, I will become your ideal customer. I'll take on the characteristics of your target audience, embodying their aspirations and struggles. My videos will concisely demonstrate how your product will help them overcome those struggles. I'll raise a question in your viewer's mind in the first couple of seconds that can only be answered by watching until the end. Your audience will recognize themselves in me and be motivated to achieve their ideal lives through your product.



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